About Us


GirlEmpowered is a social enterprise that promotes the sustained empowerment of Girls physically, socially, economically and psychologically.

We are in the business of ensuring that every girl gets the opportunity to be true to themselves, to be independent, to be outstanding leaders, to be world class entrepreneurs, exceptional home builders & first class humanitarian citizens well resourced, adequately supported and strategically positioned to make impact in their life time & beyond.

This is successfully done through training, mentorship, coaching, networking & capacity building events and initiatives.

GirlEmpowered is a project of The African Network Of Entrepreneurs (TANOE).


1. Empowered girls help break the cycle of poverty.
2. Girls who know what they want in life at an early age and understand their purpose in the world are more likely to enter the work force, earn higher incomes, delay marriage, plan their families, and seek an education for their own children.

We empower girls through:
– Training
– Mentorship
– Educational Scholarships
– Internship and Apprenticeship Opportunities

GirlEmpowered – Empowering Girls to be Outstanding.