Our work is funded by donations and entrepreneurial activities that need seed capital, so whatever you can give makes a huge difference. By making a donation you can help provide girls with empowerment, education & career skills aimed at making girls outstanding in all their endeavours.

Make a one-off donation to GirlEmpowered

Your one-off donation to GirlEmpowered will help in the elimination of girl-child illiteracy and poverty amongst women by supporting girls to go back to school and women to establish their own businesses and acquire the requisite skills and capacity building.

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Make a monthly donation to GirlEmpowered

Your monthly donation, no matter how small or big can greatly help in many ways to provide girls and women the opportunity they need to make significant contributions to the development of their communities, families and the society at large.
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Make a gift-Card donation to GirlEmpowered

By purchasing a GirlEmpowered Gift Card, you will be directly making an indespensable contribution to the Fund and supporting our vision of eliminating illiteracy amongst girls and poverty amongst women. The GirlEmpowered Gift Card gives you discount on all GirlEmpowered Merchandise and free entry to all our events.
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Make a Cloth donation to GirlEmpowered

Most of us have clothes, bags, shoes and many things that we have outgrowned, not wearing any more or just abandoned. GirlEmpowered collects, recycles and sells these items to raise funds to support Girl-Child Education and Women Enterprise Creation.
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Make a books & equipment donation to GirlEmpowered

Through the various stages of life, we all use and outgrow books, learning materials and equipment such as computers. By Donating your old books, learning materials and equipment to GirlEmpowered, you will be restoring the educational hopes and aspirations of many girls.
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