Face of GirlEmpowered

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    About Face of GirlEmpowered

    Face of GirlEmpowered is Ghana’s 1st Business Pageant aimed at equipping contestants between the ages of 17 to 25 with requisite entrepreneurial and business skills to enable them kick-start their business ideas and also to position them to transfer their knowledge and skills to teenage girls and young ladies through training, mentorship, networking and coaching.

    Winner & Runners up of Face of GirlEmpowered (FOGE) will have the task of equipping young girls with the support needed to enable them to identify their potentials, fine tune their ideas, build their entrepreneurial and business skills and pursue dreams of becoming successful business women or career women. FOGE contestants will be tasked to identify challenges that girls face in Ghana and develop entrepreneurial solutions to them.

    It is of the belief of GirlEmpowered that majority of challenges girls face can be overcomed when they are supported to build the requisite skills needed to set up economically viable businesses and become financially independent. As a result, the Face of GirlEmpowered aims to equip contestants with the knowledge and skills needed to set up and run businesses and give them the opportunity to generate, develop and test case their ideas within the duration of the pageant.

    Face of GirlEmpowered will build the capacity of contestants in Business Modelling, Business Planning, Leadership and People Management, Financial Management, Branding, Sales & Marketing, Public Speaking & Presentation, Confidence Building & Personal Branding and Mentorship & Coaching.

    Unlike several other pageants, the Face of GirlEmpowered is more about brains than beauty. Its mission is the identification and development of future women business leaders who are passionate about solving the daunting challenges of girls through the development of entrepreneurial skills in the girl and supporting them to establish viable businesses.

    Acting as mentors to the beneficiaries and members of GirlEmpowered, successful candidates of Face of GirlEmpowered will provide coaching, mentorship and training to thousands of girls across Ghana, supporting them to be proactive, resourceful, smart, skilful, entrepreneurial, financially literate and self-dependent.


    Face of GirlEmpowered will have a faculty of 13 women who will serve as mentors and trainers to guide & equip the contestants through the process of implementing their ideas and building their capacities and skills.

    FOGE will have 3 judges who will contribute immensely to the selection of finalists and winners.

    The faculty will have 30%, the judges will have 40% and the public will have 30% of the judging votes.

    Judging Criteria

    Contestants will be judged based on the following

    • Their passion for entrepreneurship & empowerment of girls
    • Their ability to accurately identify the challenges girls face
    • The viability of their business ideas to address the challenges
    • Their presentation skills & confidence levels
    • Their ability to develop and implement the business ideas
    • Their level of seriousness to the process, training and assignment
    • Their overall appeal to the faculty, judges and public



    1. Face of GirlEmpowered title
    2. Funding for FOGE Tour / Startup Capital
    3. Business Registration Support
    4. Office Space & Address
    5. Company Website
    6. Speaking Opportunity at Women CEOs Summit by WomanRising
    7. Personal Branding Support Package
    8. Mentorship
    9. Networking Opportunities
    10. Online Branding Campaign
    11. One on One Coaching
    12. Professional Photoshoot Sessions

    Runner Ups

    1. Business Registration
    2. Office Space & Address
    3. Company Website
    4. Personal Branding Support
    5. Mentorship
    6. Networking Opportunities
    7. Online Branding
    8. One on One Coaching
    9. Professional Photoshoot