Girl Empowered Conference

Girl Empowered Conference is a summit that in collaboration with stakeholders is to provide knowledge to young and ambitious girls to be able to decide on their potentials and become capable to do somethings for themselves and not depend on anyone.

In collaboration with our partners, we are hopeful to impact and empower over 3000 young girls in Ghana and thro ugh this avenue, we believe if one girl is impacted and empowered so much that to become self-reliant, self-employed with a business of her own, our job of promoting sustained empowerment of girls is done.

This conference brings to bear a quality summit of girls and women who have excelled in their various careers in diverse fields to create a great mentoring relationship.

This year, we are hoping to host amazing women from the business, law, entertainment, media and governance sectors to empower our participant and launch their dreams into career pathways.



  1. To empower young women to know they can do something on their own without being abused.
  2. To link young girls to female mentors and experts that they can look up to.
  3. To increase the number of female Entrepreneurs in Ghana
  4. To inspire young girls not to depend on men solely for help