GirlEmpowered Membership benefits are as follows:

  1. Assistance with Setting Goals and developing an Action Plan for your life
  2. Opportunity to acquire relevant life and entrepreneurial skills
  3. Opportunity to develop your hobbies, talents and potentials
  4. Opportunity to overcome challenges and build self-confidence
  5. Opportunity to meet and be inspired mentors and role models
  6. Opportunity to attend all GirlEmpowered Events & Activities
  7. Opportunity to get discounts from partners, collaborators and service providers
  8. Access to the GirlEmpowered Helpline and obtain counselling when needed
  9. Assistance with CV writing & career identification and guidance
  10. Assistance with overcoming challenges in relationship, finances and education
  11. Obtain financial literacy, Savings and investment Training
  12. Obtain Health, Hygiene and Personal Grooming Advice
  13. Access to internship and volunteering opportunities